What Are Acupressure Mats Made Of?

What Are Acupressure Mats Made Of?

There’s nothing much to it, most acupressure mats are made of foam, material and plastic. I say most because I have come across one brand that has acupressure mats made with metal spikes. Most of the more expensive mats tend to be made from higher quality materials and generally these mats are made from the following:

  • The spikes are made from a durable recyclable ABS plastic
  • A foam mat
  • Cotton cover over the foam which the spikes are attached to

From my research, the main difference between the cheap mats and the more expensive ones is that the cheap ones can contain a toxic glue for attaching the spikes. The plastic that the spikes are made could also not be made from quality durable recyclable plastic or even be using plastic with BPA so that is something to take into consideration.  You should also avoid mats made from synthetic materials as these won’t be as breathable as cotton or linen mat covers.  Harsh chemicals used in cheaper mats could cause skin irritation and have a strong odour.

I have been using a Shakti mat for the past few months.  I bought this brand because a had used it at a friends house. Their mats, like most higher end mats, are made from highly durable plastic (the same as LEGO). This is a non-toxic, fully recyclable ABS plastic.  The cotton cover that the high , quality foam sits in is organic and is colored with Global Organic Textile Standards approved dyes.

How to clean acupressure mat

Before I get onto how to clean an acupressure map, I want to just give a few tips on how to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place.  Use it after you’ve had a shower or bath so that the sweat, oils and dirt from the day or use it first thing in the morning after getting up or while still in bed!

The outer cloth layer that the spikes are attached to can be removed from the foam mat inner.  It is best to gently hand wash the cotton cover in warm soapy water ensuring not to manhandle it so as not to damage or break the spikes.  Ensure to rinse the cover thoroughly and hang up do dry.  As to how often you should wash the mat, well that’s entirely up to you.  I have had my mat for just under three months now and have not washed it, however I use it mainly to lie on and rarely put my feet onto it.  When I do use it to stand on it is usually after showing so my feet are clean.  If you are in doubt about how to clean your acupressure mat have a look for cleaning instructions in the package that it came in or check the companies website who you bought the mat from.