Acupressure Mat Argos – All About Acupressure Mats

Acupressure Mat Argos

An acupressure mat is a foam mat with thousands of plastic spikes, like a nail bed!

Before I go into further information about acupressure mats and what it does I wish to describe what acupressure is. Acupressure is a kind of alternative therapy that has actuallyexisted for thousands of years and originated in China. The methodit works is that pressure is applied to specific parts of the body to promote that location. The Chinese belief is that there are energy pathways in the body frequently described as meridians. Acupressure (and acupuncture) is utilized to unclog these meridians to minimize discomfort and pain Acupressure Mat Argos

Although the acupressure mat utilizes concepts of acupressure which came from China, the idea of the acupressure mat stemmed from the nail bed in India. The bed of nails was utilized by masters as a relaxation and meditation tool.

So what happens when you lie on an acupressure mat is that the spikes trigger the body to produce endorphins in reaction to the discomfort ( short-term mild pain) that the spikes are causing. It also promotes blood circulation to that location which is particularly good for soreor stiff muscles.

I frequently experience knots in my shoulders so I generally use the acupressure mat to help reducethe tightness in that location. I can certainly feel a difference in my shoulders after using the mat for the suggested 20 minute session. The other huge advantage tome is that around the 10 minute mark i begin to feel actually relaxed and frequently nod off to sleep! An awesome way to charge in the afternoon.

what is acupressure mat helpful for
While most of the things on this list ought to mostly be dealt with through a doctor, there are some things on this list that an acupressure mat can be your go tomethod of relief without seeing a doctorfirst. The main benefits of an acupressure mat can be for discomfort relief, tension, meditation and relaxation.

For me, utilizing it to relax and to alleviate tight muscles is what I mostly use it for since it increases blood circulation which is in essence what a massage or acupressure would do. With regards to the list below there is not a great deal of medical proof around to recommend that an acupressure mat can cure oralleviate any all of the ailments. However, I wished to offer you as much informationas I can find in the leading disorders individuals inquire about when it concerns usingan acupressure mat to aid with the disorder.

For anyone who is experiencing any of disorders below please seek medical aid first specifically of you are in pain or are having psychological health issues. While an acupressure mat can help with specific things it need to not be used as the main tool or the only tool in dealing with a medical issue.Acupressure Mat Argos

What Are Acupressure Mats Made Of

There‘s nothing much to it, a lot of acupressure mats are made of foam, product and plastic. I say most since I have stumbled upon one brand that has acupressure mats made with metal spikes. The majority ofthe more expensive mats tend to be made from higher quality materialsand typically these mats are made from the following:
The spikes are made from a durable recyclable ABS plastic
A foam mat
Cotton cover over the foam which the spikes are connected to

From my research, the main distinction in between the cheap mats and the more expensive ones is thatthe inexpensive ones can contain a harmful glue for attaching the spikes. The plastic that the spikes are made might also not be made from quality durable recyclable plastic or even be using plastic with BPA so that is something to take into consideration. You must also avoid mats made from artificial materials as these will not be as breathable as cotton or linen mat covers. Severe chemicals used in more affordable mats might trigger skin inflammation and have a strong odour.

I have been using a Shakti mat (* from website) for the pastfew months. I bought this brand name due to the fact that a had actually used it at a buddieshouse. Their mats, like a lot of higher end mats, are made from highly durable plastic (the same as LEGO).This is a non-toxic, completely recyclable ABS plastic. The cotton cover that the high, quality foam beings in is organic and is colored with Worldwide Organic Textile Standards authorized dyes.

How To Clean Acupressure Mat

Before I get onto how to clean an acupressure map, I want to simply give a couple of pointers on how to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. Utilize it after you have actually had a shower or bath so that the sweat, oils and dirt from the day or utilizeit first thing in the morning after getting up or while still in bed!
The outer fabric layer that the spikes are connected to can beremoved from the foam mat inner. It is best to gently handwash the cotton cover in warm soapy water making sure not to man handle it so as not to damage or break the spikes. Make sure to rinsethe cover completely and hang up do dry. As to how often you should wash the mat, well that‘s entirely as much as you. I have actually had my mat for simply under 3 months now and have actually not cleaned it,however I utilize it primarily to lie onand seldom put my feet onto it. When I do utilize it to stand on it is typically after showing so my feet are clean. If you remain in doubt about how to clean your acupressure mat take a look for cleaning up directions in the packagethat it was available in or examine the companies site who you purchased the mat from.Acupressure Mat Argos

Acupressure Mat Amazon

Amazon is one of the prime places to purchase acupressure mats because of the large range available on the site. Wether you want budget plan mats or brand name mats, these can be found bysearching acupressure mats on amazon. Amazon includes remarkable brands such as Ajna, Spoonk and Bed of Nails. If you arelooking for the budget plan itemsthere are acupressure pillows and straps for under $10 and acupressure mats for under $11. Thetop end of acupressure mats can for for over $150. There is a lot ofchoice around the $50 mark consisting of sets of mats and pillows, so you can get a deal. Similar to all great items on Amazon there are numerous reviews, it  deserves reviewing a few of them to get an idea of what people are stating about the different brandsor about the various manner in which are suing their acupressure mats and pillows. The majority of people start in a costbracket when looking for products, so begin with the products within your spending plan and from there start narrowing it down by checking out some reviews. It‘s also worth taking a look at the brand names website as a few of the acupressure mat business have a charitable and environmental principles to their company. If you are a conscious consumer it would be amazing to find a business that does good by the environment and its individuals too!